Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Gavin Best and the orphan elephant Chizi

Gavin Best and the orphan elephant Chizi
Victoria Falls. Pictured here are Gavin Best and the orphan elephant Chizi. Gavin called me to assist in helping Chizi whom was critically sick... Her symptoms included anorexia, diarrhea, stunted growth, swollen joints and a very flaky skin.

After running many tests I diagnosed she had a deficiency of enzymes to allow her to digest her milk. After much expense and effort we managed to get pancreatic enzymes from the USA. At 3 bottles a day it was exorbitant. Chizi improved dramatically and thrived for the next 4 months.

Tragically another elephant belonging to Gavin that had a larger baby attacked and killed Chizi. Even more tragic is that a few weeks later that same elephant attacked Gavin and put her tusk through his chest and he died instantly.

He was a dedicated and passionate conservationist and he is much missed.