Thursday, January 3, 2013

Record year in History more elephants shot this year than previous years

Unbleivable but sadly true. Statistics say lasy year more elephants were shot than any years previoulsy. This is like shooting people. Why can people not inderstand these are loving, feeling animals much better than humans could ever be. I just dont get it. I have cried about Botswana and am now moving forward. No one seemd to understand the fact that half the world population of elephants live there. They need to bring awareness.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Working with wildlife in USA January 2012 onwards

For many years while I was in private practice I volunteered my services to Gail Straight at Wildlife Inc. They are wonderfully dedicated people and work 24/7 to save the local wildlife. Their home is overtaken by squirrels, racoons, Tortoises, all kinds of Birds including raptors. Very rarely do you meet such dedicated conservationists that are actually making a huge difference. I am no on call for them when I am needed. In the album I amputated a wing on a spoonbill that had an open fracture. This bird is doing well and will be reintroduced to a park where it can ground feed with its mates. One big surprise was when a volunteer showed up with a Green Sea turtle. This species has not been seen in Florida for over 25 years. The turtle watch people locate egg sites and fence them off and guard them 24/7/ , when the hatchlings come they make sure they are directed to the water and to hopefully survive for a long life. I take my hat off to these incredible people. Also in album is a white or pied Florida deer which is part of the family and the rodent is a flying squirrel.

Kudos to Wildlife Inc.