Sunday, June 26, 2011

Blood samples taken for research

Blood samples taken for research
On return from a trip to Gaborone i was asked to assist park officials in getting blood and stool samples .We managed to dart a Sable Antelope after 4 attempts with darts and we darted a buffalo bull and took blood and fecal samples.BDF assisted us I keeping animals way while we did our work. It was nice to have cooperation.
6/25/2011 Went with veterinary techs from Maun and darted an Elephant, impala and warthog and collected blood and stool samples. BDF assisted us again.
2 good days of hard work and camaraderie were had.All darted animals were not harmed in the process.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Buffalo with snare June 16, 2011

Buffalo with snare

Called by parks to attend limping buffalo by Safari lodge. We located it and I darted it with 1cc M99. The buffalo went down 5 minutes later. He had a wire snare on his right hind hock. I decided this was a survivable wound and proceeded to clean and suture wound together. Buffaloes head was covered and his respirations were regular and not labored. After last suture the animal went into cardiac arrest within 20 seconds. Antidote was administered but the buffalo died. It was not anesthetic related as it was 40 minutes into episode and was wearing off. It was a very old Buffalo and due to its grey colour of its mucous membranes it indicated a stress induced heart attack. I was quite disappointed as it should have healed up. Mr. Khan and park team was on hand to assist me. My vehicle was severely damaged by driving thru the thick bush.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Leopard hit by car June 12 2011

Leopard hit by car
Report to Parks of Leopard incident
On Saturday morning at 10 am I received a call from Sedudu gate of injured leopard by Chobe Farms, I was on scene in 10 minutes.
On arrival there were many vehicles and observers.
Leopard was approximately 2 year old female and was recumbent by side of road but still alive. There was a large crowd of onlookers standing with in 3 meters of the leopard.  I examined it briefly and noted it had a head and leg injury. On the way back to the vehicle to retrieve shock treatment the leopard got up and ran to the bush.Police were ineffective with crowd control an no one would offer me assistance from crowd or scientists on scene. This could have been a very dangerous situation were onlookers could have been seriously injured especially since leopard was conscious and could have recovered from the obvious concussion to brain
I loaded a dart with Zoletil and darted it to sedate her.After the safe 10 minute wait to make sure she was sleeping,I had to crawl on my stomach to retrieve the animal from under a bush  and hole it had gone under.
On examination she had a head injury but most significantly her right hind leg had severe trauma and a broken bone.  The leg could possibly be repaired but it would be a long and expensive ordeal and I could not guarantee that it would be able to hunt on its own again. Not having a proper facility to house her and treat her everyday I decided to euthanize her by injectable means. Parks took carcass away.
Far too many animals are being hit by cars on the tar roads by reckless and speeding drivers.