Wednesday, November 10, 2010

FaceBook Friend Sunil Potnis Donates $1500.00 for Pulse Oximeter

FaceBook Friend Sunil Potnis Donates $1500.00 for pulse Oximeter

A very kind and generous man whom i spoke to on the telephone while I was in USA   and met of FB. He has been working very hard to procure funding for the cause. His generous donation went to purchase a pulse oximeter machine. 

This is a critical equipment that monitors the heart rate and oxygenation of any animal that I have to tranquilize. Its essential since in many occasions I may be by myself helping an injured animal and I hook this machine to its tongue or ear and I can not only see the readout but I can hear the beeping of the machine allowing me to concentrate on treating the beast and knowing it is still alive or going down hill so I may have to administer antidotes. 

Thank you Sunil you are an earth angel.