Thursday, September 27, 2012

President Ian Khama Names his Brother TK as Minister of wildlife and tourisim September 27 2012

 I see the President of Botswana Ian Khama has appointed his brother as Minister of Wildlife and tourism. Tshekedi Khama otherwise known as TK. I personally  know this man as a liar, cheat and a fraud that is well known for his shady business practices taking advantage of his brother’s position as head of country. He has been involved with shady deals in contracts with the Chinese Goverment to build roads in Botswana. One can only see the condition of "repaired Roads" to see funds are being misappropriated.
TK has little or no Kowledge of wildife and is cerianly not qualified. Lets keep the corruption in the family H.E.
 One can now be assured that the wildlife in Botswana is in dire straits. I would personally say this to his face . Don’t the people of Botswana know this is a scam and totally the wrong person to be in such a powerful position?
My heart cries for my babies that will continue to be slaughtered.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Some personal thoughts September 2012 9 months after my Deportation

My new favourite saying unfortunately its very sad...
" I believe in my heart that most people are good, experience however has shown me otherwise"....

My Epiphany after 9 months of waiting.
In theory one would believe it’s important to stand up for what one believes in. In reality if that problem does not directly affect a person in their daily lives they don’t really give a damn.

The only people that are directly affected by the poaching of elephants in Chobe (which in fact represents half of the entire population of the world) are the tour operators and lodges in the area that get their income. It’s an infinitesimal small community of which over half should be committed to an insane asylum and the other half are career alcoholics. So in theory they would be the ones that should be crying out for the slaughter of innocents in their backyard should speak out but are too scared or don’t grasp the severity of the situation at hand.
The one “people” suffering here is the elephants that are being slaughtered for profit. Contrary to popular myth, the Government of Botswana is not proactive in efficient antipoaching techniques . Being the official veterinarian and Game warden for the park for 4 ½ years proved this otherwise. Not a single elephant poacher was caught during my tenure there despite the often encounters i had will elephants shot and carcasses with thier faces chopped off for the ivory. I don’t have the political clout or extreme finances to be heard and was wiped away like a nuisance ant and deported for speaking out. The poaching has continued unabated even tough efficient and practical solutions were presented over 3 years ago.
All organizations contacted to be educated have also not listened.
As I quoted.” It doesn’t affect you” no one gives a damn.
I cry for my babies In Chobe and the rest of Africa. I know not what else to do except go forward and fight the battle in another country. I cry for my babies…….


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Elephants Without Borders spots 4 elephants killed September 2102

Yesterday, surveying Chobe National Park counting wildlife, EWB discovered 4 poached elephant bulls. In the early afternoon, had a meeting with the
appropriate gov't department authorities and literally within the hour, a military heli patrol went to investigate the scene. They took to the air in stronger force this morning.
Today, the NYTimes posted the following article regarding the horrific issue, continent wide: