Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Zebby is flourishing and getting big

Zebby is flourishing and getting big. Still sucking down the skim milk and has not eaten grass yet

It turns out that Zebby is a stallion. This now presents various problems with rehabilitating him into the wild. Because of his sex, it's more than likely he will be attacked by alpha stallion and be killed. Of course Laura spends a lot of time with him and brushing his coat. I have nightmares of lions hiding in the bush waving their brushes in the air beckoning him.

He will have to go to a private game reserve were there are no predators and can live a long life. We intend on having school children come and visit and help with education about wildlife. It never fails to amaze me how their eyes light up with excitement and wonder and big smiles cross their face, To be able to see and touch such a creature stimulates their minds as to ow important their wildlife heritage is and how they are the future that will take over the huge burden we have placed on their shoulders. Education.education, education. Don't forget an ocean started as a simple drop of water.

In the interim 16 Liters of box milk goes down his gullet every day. Education can be expensive..