Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Treating big tusker in Mara with multiple spear and arrow wounds (watch edited verison please)

Poachers have now taken to new strategies to kill elephants. Since KWS is so active they use poisoned spears so no gunshots will be heard.  What is most distressing is they shoot arrows into all elephant joints to slow them down so they dont run far. This is an extremely cruel and painful way to die. Kudos to KWS veterinarians for daily trying to stem the tide of suffering. This was taken in May 2013 in Kenya( if you are sensitive skip the treatments to the end where the pictures take over)

SO SAD TO REPORT CONFIRMATION THAT THIS ELEPHANT WAS KILLED BY POACHERS LAST SUNDAY JULY 14. It had suffered so much from its original treatment in May to recover and be targeted again. Along with recent deaths of KWS wardens a few days ago this is devastating to me and the country. Kenya has the best anti poaching efforts in Africa how can this still be happening????? THIS MUST STOP I HAVE NO WORDS......